Social Entrepreneur & Social Entrepreneurship


What is a Social Entrepreneur?

A social entrepreneur is a different kind of social leader who:

  • Identifies and applies practical solutions to social problems by combining innovation, resourcefulness and opportunity.
  • Innovates by finding a new product, a new service, or a new approach to a social problem
  • Focuses first and foremost on social value creation and in that spirit, is willing to share openly the innovations and insights of the initiative with a view to its wider replication
  • Doesn’t wait to secure the resources before undertaking the catalytic innovation
  • Is fully accountable to the constituencies s/he serves
  • Resists being trapped by the constraints of ideology or discipline
  • Continuously refines and adapts approach in response to feedback
  • Has a vision, but also a well-thought out roadmap as to how to attain the goal

What is Social Entrepreneurship?

  • Describes an approach to a social issue. It is not a field of discipline that can be learned in academia.
  • An approach that cuts across disciplines (medicine, engineering, law, education, investment banking, agronomy, environment, etc.) and is not confined to sectors (health, transportation, finance, labor, trade, and the like).
  • More related to leadership than to management


  • 实效
  • 创新
  • 开放
  • 行动力
  • 承诺
  • 跳出框架
  • 持续改善
  • 关注"如何做"(而非空有理想)


  • 关注实现的方法而非理论
  • 跨域创新的能力
  • 领导而非管理

刚刚在Nextbillion网站上看到这篇文章《Book Review: Paul Polak’s Out of Poverty》,下面这句话值得记录:

One must "go to where the action is" and "talk to the people who have the problem and listen to what they say," while also pursuing only approaches that "can reach at least a million people and make their lives measurably better."






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